brb seeing MEISHI SMILE live (at lWlVl!)

Day 1 of lWlVl Festival 2014 is in full effect and this is MEISHI SMILE’s first east coast appearance!

lWlVl is basically the new Blip Festival in NYC and I couldn’t be more stoked, although it encomposes “lo-bit” music and art in general, rather than just chipmusic.

This video goin’ out to fans of dating sims and music games ;o

Rolly Mingwald - For The Winner

brb seeing Rolly Mingwald live

lWlVl Festival day 0 begins with a pre-party by Telefuture Records, a label specializing in 80’s inspired electronic music. Rolly Mingwald is Carl Peczynski, aka Radlib (and a slew of other names), who played the last Blip Festival NYC in 2010!

I’ve seen him perform as Radlib and sadNES, but this’ll be my first time seeing him under this alias 8)

Hess Is More - Yes Boss

brb seeing Hess Is More live

I just saw Hess Is More perform their new album for a crowd of under 50 people in a tiny intimate venue on like 20 minutes notice and it was pretty amazing.

The only good use of Foursquare, I mean, Swarm, is seeing friends of mine are a mile from me. “What’s up?” “About to see Hess Is More at this tiny venue” “Holy shit, I love Hess Is More, omw!”

Anyway, here’s an old video of theirs that is totally different than the new album, cuz there aren’t any from the new album yet!

MENEO - Gamma Ray

brb seeing (most of) MENEO live (this weekend at lWlVl Festival!)

DeMarko is co-hosting tonight (in 45min!) for an all-chiptune show in honor of lWlVl this weekend, which we will both be in attendance for, and he’s helping run! The lineup is pretty amazing and if you’re anywhere near NYC, I highly recommend attending!

MENEO is playing on Saturday and it’s his first time in the US since Blip Festival 2008 (my first BlipFest!). lWlVl’s lineup is a bit of a Blip08 reunion and is shaping up to be the successor to Blip Festival (RIP) and I’m so stoked.

Anyway, DeMarko says this video should speak for itself. Unfortunately, MENEO won’t be getting naked this time.

Flying Lotus - You’re Dead! (Album Teaser)

I wouldn’t normally post an album teaser over a music video, but OH MAN OH MAN, FlyLo has enlisted the amazing guro artist and horror mangaka Shintaro Kago to do art for his new album and Strangeloop has animated it for this excellent album teaser.

I’ve been a big fan of Kago for a long time, and to see him do stuff for an amazing musician like Flying Lotus just gets me giddy. Also, seeing his art in motion is pretty great. I can’t wait for the actual music videos from this album.

FlyLo has also dropped the tracklist for the album over on his Tumblr, with each track having accompanying art by Kago. Delicious guro.