NUXX - Distancer (Video ver.)

Electro-house J-pop kids NUXX just released a new single, and this video is on some David O’Relly x Toonami x Gradius x 2001 x Ender’s Game x Gurren Lagann shit, aight?

Spazzkid - 40 Winks

brb seeing Spazzkid live

at an art gallery for a $5 show, whaaat! Cool kids Hydrabadd & Taste Tester are opening with a b2b set. Best cheap show in ages!

RL Grime - Core

One of the innovators in trap as we know it (c’mon, his Mercy remix with Salva pretty much ran 2012) has released the first single from his upcoming debut album for WeDidIt, featuring a 3D music video with some nice anime influence in the UIs~

Para One - You Too

Not the first music video to recreate 90’s television dance music shows, but that isn’t a bad thing, and this one swaps out the mograph of Scuba’s video for a bit of a story.

For more Para One curated 90’s-ness, here’s his “90’ of 90’s” mix, which I closed out last night’s live Midnight Snacks with.

Dorian Concept - Draft Culture

After 4 years of silence, Dorian Concept is finally back and due with an album out in September on Ninja Tune!

Here’s the first cut from it, a brooding jam with a fun kaleidoscope video :3